‘Less Waste…Quality Space’

As a husband and wife team with a family, we are passionate about Sustainability and Green Architecture, and making sure that our kids (and their kids etc…) have a future on the planet!

Green Architecture does not need to be expensive, it just has to be designed in from the beginning. Green Architecture means a much smaller carbon footprint, and with energy = money,  lower bills and running costs, hence helping the environment usually ends up helping you. Hence our motto, ‘less waste, quality space’

The science?  Well the terrible truth is that buildings use 40% of the energy consumed in the EU

Energy consumption is the major cause of greenhouse gas

Making the buildings in which we live & work more energy-efficient, and less wasteful means going a long way towards preventing dangerous climate change.


By involving local businesses and  local suppliers and green products such as heat pumps, underfloor heating, solar panels,renewable energy, insulation, bio-mass, and low VOC materials, we can make a difference!